What To Expect

2013-06-19-JSK-Grad-FB03Don’t expect to sit up straight with your hands folded just so and a smile pasted on your face the whole time. I want you to relax, interact and enjoy yourself so that your true nature shows up.  If you have children don’t worry about what they might do, I can handle it!  I want to see their true nature too.

I’ll come to your home and make images of you and your family snuggling on the sofa, playing on the kitchen floor, jumping on the bed, or wherever you feel comfortable. Or I’ll meet you at your favourite park, the library, in front of that brick building you stare at every time you drive by, or that special place where he proposed to you.

You choose the location that makes you smile, the one that’s just you.  Set aside one to two hours for a full session, so we don’t feel rushed.  The best photos will be edited and reviewed with you either in person or online.

Contact Me if you have any questions or are ready to book your session!

What to wear

Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable in your own skin! Solids work better than busy patterns; muted colours than all black or white. Avoid shirts with big logos that might be distracting. Long sleeves are better than short. And layers (hats, scarves, cardigans, jackets, etc.) always photograph well and give more options.  For families, choosing colours that complement each other usually looks better than having everyone the same.  For men who shave, it’s great to shave soon before as stubble can show up quite clearly (unless you want that look of course!)


I appreciated your willingness to try any spot that you thought might look neat and you were very flexible and open. It made the experience fun, like we were exploring.  – Elizabeth

Thanks for the fun photo shoot. I had a great time and felt privileged that Elizabeth asked me to share the experience. – Beverley

We were relaxed and enjoyed the experience. It was a fun evening. We like the variety of poses. The quality of the pictures is very good. -Jake & Elsie