SHIYR Poets Concert

I had the opportunity to photograph a concert with Brian Doerksen and the SHIYR Poets.  The concert was part of a “Restore Me” conference put on by Hope Centre Ministries.

I have had the pleasure to work together with Hope Centre Ministries on several projects.  Their website states: “Hope Centre Ministries exists to celebrate the gifts and uniqueness of individuals who live with disabilities and support them in their walk with God and their faith community.”  Having two children on the autism spectrum, it is so good to find organizations that are there to help advocate and support us as parents.

Somehow we convinced our kids to come to the concert (loud noise is not their thing – unless they are making it of course).  My daughter want’s to be famous someday so it was exciting for her to meet the famous musicians 🙂


Brian Doerksen signing a CD for my daughter

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