Cold – Family Photography Winnipeg

The cold is almost gone, but we started to feel it a bit toward the end of this shoot.  This family lives in an area with so many trees and close enough to the river that it hardly feels like city.  We explored a few areas and I got them almost up to their knees in snow while I rolled around in it to get the right angles 🙂  I eventually let them go back to their house to take some warmer indoor shots.  We had a blast with lots of laughing and some stories that should not have been told!

Scroll to the bottom to see what they had to say.

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We had a delightful time with you during our photo shoot. The pictures were varied, and fun to be in & to see!!  We were very happy with the results, and you even managed to get our son to smile & capture that as well!  I try to put some effort into our Easter Greetings, and this year you made that so much easier & more fun!  Thanks & we look forward to future ventures with you.

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